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    Forum Rules


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    Forum Rules

    Post by WALSHY on Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:23 pm

    1. No Spam - Spam is defined as blatant self-promotion, or sometimes simply mindless posting. It is best phrased as "Stupid pointless annoying messages." It can also be seen as advertising for a major website in order to get profits for that website. Multiple posts of the same subject to clutter the forum, posts with no relevance to any subjects dealt with on the forum, or posts devoted purely to promoting ones own work will be deleted, and the user will be given a Warning or Ban, depending on the serverity of the offence.

    2. No Unfit Material for Minors - Many of our users may be under the age of 18 and we therefor restrict any sort of posts contributing to unfit material. You will recieve an instant ban!

    3. No Flaming - Flaming is defined as personal attacks or insults on another member regarding the persons religion/views/knowledge ect. Though we encourage friendly discussion and debate, we do not welcome argumental affairs and/or personal attacks on other members. If you want to flame, go to another forum!

    4. No Trolling - The inverse side of flaming, Trolling is defined by trying to make others insult you. Posts such as "PS3 sux" would be considered trolling, as it is a purposeful act meant to result in argument. Please refrain from Trolling at all times, so we can have an enjoyable time together!
    You can post news/comments but it must be supported and presented impartially without bias to a particular console. Any one posting without linking to a supporting article, in a trolling manner will be assumed to be posting with the intention of damaging this forum community and/or causing ill will in the community and will be perma-banned outright.

    5. Spoilers - Whenever a new released game comes out, any particular information you post about it must have a *SPOILER* warning in the title involved with it, as some members may not have already got to a certain point, and may want to find out what happens themselves instead of being told, as that would totally ruin the fun for them in the game. Please follow this rule.

    6. No "1337-speak" - "1337-speak" (leet) is incomprehensible gibberish and is not welcome on this forum. Violation of this will result in a warning, but repeated offences may result in a ban.

    7. No Insubordination - Insubordination is simply not listening to the ruling of a Mod or Admin. Disregarded what we tell you to do is against the rules and will usually result in a ban.

    8. No Mod/Admin Begging - Mods and Admins are happy to promote fit users to a position of authority if they display the proper attitude, responsibility, discipline, and maturity. One way to show the exact opposite of all these qualities is to ask for a position of authority. If you're fit for the position, we will find you, not vice-versa. Violation of this will result in a warning: repeated offences may result in a ban.

    11. No Ban Contesting - Though we like to have an open dialogue with our users, a ban will stay a ban. Please do not log on under a different account or send an e-mail to ask why you have been banned. If you are unable to realize why you were banned, your lack of understanding of the Rules is probably the reason itself. If you logon under a different account somehow after a banning, you will once again be Banned.

    12. No E-Mail Abuse - It is unacceptable to use the e-mail of users found here on the forum to sign them up for junk e-mail, send them threats, etc. If you do this, you will be Banned and you will probably have your ISP Contacted.

    13. No Advertising Other Sites - We employ a strict "no advertising" policy. Obviously, linking to sources of articles is okay - however posting links in order to send traffic to those sites is unacceptable. Such posts will be removed and the member will be warned.

    14. Don't abuse the smilies - Smilies are a great way of expressing your emotions/feelings on a subject, however too many of them in a single posts (or series of posts!) is annoying and slows down the forums while they all have to load. For these reasons, we ask that you do not abuse the smilies feature and don't use them excessively.

    15. Max Shop Icon Quantity - The max # of shop icons which users can store in their inventory is 3 of the same type. Owning more than this [3] depletes the shop stock for others unfairly. If you buy more than 3 then you may have the icon(s) removed along with your skill points (not reimbursed). Repeat offenders could face more severe consequences.

    16. Text must be written in Black font color - in order to make it easier on everyone - you may only post in black font color. You may use alternate colors to highlight key aspects of your post, but the majority of text should be posted in black. Post text should also not exceed the default 2 point font size.

    17. Do not Impersonate Mods/Admin - Includes acting like a Mod and/or pretending to be a mod –e.g. sending PM's to members saying they will be banned or promoting new forum policy without Admin/Staff consent.

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